Links to individual session tickets for Women’s Indoor Strength Training classes

If you are keen to join us for some indoor strength training during the winter months but work or other commitments make it hard for you to come every single week, you may be interested in buying tickets to single … Read More

NEW! Wednesday night Strength Training classes for Women!

As we are heading into the colder months where it is getting dark so early, JetSetGo Fitness is going to trial a Wednesday evening Strength Training group fitness class for women indoors at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre for 6 … Read More

Basic Benefits of Strength Training

What is strength training? The term “strength training” or “resistance training” is used generally to describe any exercise that is designed to increase lean muscle tissue and improve muscular strength and endurance. It does not necessarily have to involve the … Read More

New! Strength for Life fitness classes for seniors!

This week saw the start of some new Strength for Life (S4L) fitness classes for seniors at the YMCA SA Holdfast Bay Community Centre. These new classes are run by JetSetGo Fitness personal Trainer Sarah Bray and are on Mondays … Read More

Gut Microbes & Your Health 101

So…what is the gut microbiome anyway? The gut microbiome is the combined genetic material of a community of microorganisms that live in various parts of the digestive tract – mainly in the large intestine. It is made up of mostly … Read More